Custom Formulations

Flexible packaging films designed and engineered to extend and enhance your product lifecycles

Engineering Expertise

State of the art research and development make it possible to improve any exiting packaging formulation

Latest Technologies

Consistent and persistent investment in underlying technologies delivers maximum quality, cost-efficiencies and reliability.


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Innovation Paves Our Pathway to Excellence

Custom formulated layers enhance the functionality and durability of your packaging. NEXT's film arsenal provides your brand with an array of choices in your final packaging construction.

3 Layer Film

5 Layer Film

7 Layer Film

9 Layer Film

A Commitment To Innovation and Technological Evolution

NEXT prides itself on being an industry-leading specialty blown film manufacturer. We maintain our industry leadership by investing in the latest and greatest technologies, allowing us to meet and exceed your ever-expanding product packaging demands.
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State-of-the-Art Distribution

NEXT's state of the art, fully automated distribution center with an 18,000+ skid capacity of finished goods. Our rail yard, which is capable of accepting up to 300 railcars at a time, and fleet of bulk trucks ensure constant supply of resin to our plants 365 days a year. As a result of these investments, NEXT can offer unsurpassed production timelines and can ensure safe product delivery.

Railyard & Distribution Center

Fully Automated and State-of-the-Art Distribution Facilities

NEXT is privileged to have developed flexible packaging film solutions for some of the world's most prestigious brands, including:

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