Sustainability By Design

NEXT Generation Films was founded on the practices and principles of high sustainability manufacturing.

Sustainability By Design

Custom Products
and Solutions

In-depth knowledge and ever-evolving film recipes ensure the least amount of waste at the lowest possible cost and the use biodegradable resins where applicable

State of the art film extrusion technology

NEXT's tight-gauge control and ultra-high efficiency ensures excellent quality while allowing for significantly reduced material costs and a smaller overall carbon footprint

Energy efficient production

High-speed, high-output machinery reduces energy use and minimizes the output of overall emissions throughout the production process.

Zero waste in manufacturing

NEXT has initiated an onsite repelletizing program to sell and re-use recycled scrap-based resin

Found On and Committed To Sustainability

ImageNEXT engineers its films with the end goal of creating the most efficient packaging available by using and producing the least waste with minimal depletion of renewable resources. We use recycled materials where applicable, use repelletizing to re-use recycled scrap-based resin, along with the latest manufacturing technologies to keep every facet of our process as sustainable as possible to truly make a positive impact on our local environment.


Active in Sustainable Packaging Coalition

NEXT Generation is now a member of the GreenBlue Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is an industry working group inspired by cradle to grave sustainability principles and dedicated to creating a robust environmental vision for packaging. Through informed design practice, supply chain collaboration, education, and innovation, the coalition strives to transform packaging into a system that encourages an economically prosperous and sustainable flow of materials, creating lasting value for present and future generations.

NEXT is privileged to have developed flexible packaging film solutions for some of the world's most prestigious brands, including:

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